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 I write about helping low-income businesswomen in Guatemala to make more money and create prosperity. Join me as I explore topics about leveling the playing field for women in business. What works? What doesn’t? Why is investing in women just about the best investment on the planet?



This month’s blog is WHY ONLY WOMEN?

In the midst of all the “W” questions (who, what, where, when, and why) about Namaste’s business training work with low-income micro-entrepreneurs in Guatemala, someone inevitably asks: “Why do you only work with women?”

They are our best hope to link short-term results with long-term outcomes!

We know we have a superior model for increasing women’s business income. (I live in both San Francisco and in Guatemala and love bringing the world of data analytics to the world of micro-economics, so we have the facts and figures to back that up.) We work hand-in-hand with our aspiring micro-entrepreneurs in getting great short-term results.

But what about the long-term outcomes? Globally, many of the best-intentioned development projects fall apart after the program implementer leaves the scene and stops providing important supplies such as medicines, seeds, fertilizers, water purification devices, stoves, and so forth.

There are two major factors in our program that facilitate moving short-term results to the long-term: first, it is knowledge-based and therefore internalized by the women, and secondly, the women uniformly invest their new-found profits in the family, thereby benefiting their children in both the now and in the future.

A study in Guatemala showed that women are 14 times more likely than their male companions to invest extra income in household expenditures such as food, medicines, and shelter that benefit children. Come again, 14 times? Yes, the study showed that it took about $166 in the hands of the male of the household to get the same child weight and height increase as $12 in the hands of the woman. Women are vastly superior in investing in the future – in this case, through their children – because they uniformly spend 90 – 95% of increased money on the family as compared to less than 10% by males.

Working with women exclusively is Namaste’s “Secret Sauce”.

Here’s another thing – women work to see that their children stay in school longer, especially the girls. Our clients average 4.5 years of schooling, and every day they see that their contemporaries with more years of education do better in their businesses, have better homes and clothes (and some would say “better husbands”). Women always tell us that they want better lives for their children and have a fierce determination to make that dream come true.

Yes, all of our clients have dreams, and that’s why they make better students. They are much more likely to attend peer-based training sessions and repay their loans than men.  Need I also mention that elevating a woman’s income (along with the hand-in-hand increases in self-esteem, confidence, and leadership position in the family and community) is the ultimate weapon against machismo and its evils of discrimination and subjugation of women?

Thus, the outcomes are exponential.

Think of the Namaste business woman-in-training as being at the center of concentric rings reaching out to her immediate family, then to her extended family (because in Guatemala the extended family is the most basic unit of organization), then to her community and ultimately to civil society as a whole. Everybody benefits when women become more independent and have greater resources. No matter what your personal interest may be – poverty, family planning, health, water, nutrition, women’s empowerment, social and economic justice – these women have something for you.

Want to help? You can stand in the middle of those concentric rings alongside that woman making dreams come true by contributing to Namaste at today!


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