The leading business intelligence software system worldwide called QlikView celebrates 5 Years of Work. As a foundation that monitors and evaluates its clients and staff performance we are honored to be featured in the recent article from QlikView. We combine QlikView with our custom made platform Prosper to create a powerful analytics tool. We can generate dozens of reports about our clients and staff performance from QlikView in just seconds! We invite you to read their recent press release:

Qlik Change Our World Program Celebrates 5 Years!

More than 500 data points!

We feel proud to have created as excellent analytical tool that makes our work accountable.

Why are analytics so important to us? We believe when data is analyzed properly, the results can help us make better business decisions to help our clients earn more income. Through the data we can determine how we are doing, where are we coming from, and where are we going. For our internal planning and operations some of our most powerful information comes from our Business Advisor Portfolio. This portfolio contains information about our active clients, how many loan cycles they have had, who is their business advisor and if each of our clients are achieving two main goals: 1) implementation of their business advisor’s advice and 2) successful business record-keeping.  We can also see what percentage of our client’s income has increased or decreased!

We are grateful for QlikView’s strong support since 2012. Using Prosper and QlikView together allows us to analyze not only our client’s performance but also our internal team’s performance. We have a unique data product that enables us to help more women micro-entrepreneurs make significantly more money. QlikView is rated as the number one BI software provider in the world, besting the offerings of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and others. The ratings are by BARC, the “holy grail of business intelligence.” Our donated technology from QlikView has a selling price of $125,000 and we have it at no cost in perpetuity.

Our IT Manager always says “You can see what the client`s situation is just by one QlikView!, that`s what I love the most”