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Namaste Helps Women Make Their Small Business Dreams Come True.


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Our Mission

Our Mission is to directly contribute to Women´s Economic Empowerment by providing business development programs that increase the business cash flow of low-income women.

Business Advising

Business advisors are local community leaders, well versed in the local economy and also the indigenous language of the region.

Financial Literacy

Each Namaste Entrepreneur learns important cash management techniques, such as separating business money from personal money.

Customized Business Loan Program

Each woman’s business is unique, which is why the loans are tailored to the specific needs of each client.


The monitoring and evaluation system used by Namaste is based on a tailor made online database called PROSPER.

News And Upcoming Events

August 2017 – Namaste Features Prominently in a New Book

In How Development Projects Persist Erin Beck (Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon) examines micro finance NGOs working in Guatemala and problematizes the accepted wisdom of how NGOs function. Drawing on twenty months of ethnographic fieldwork, she shows how development models and plans become entangled in the relationships among local actors in ways that alter what they are, how they are valued, and the conditions of their persistence. Beck focuses on two NGOs (Namaste and The Fraternity) that use drastically different methods in working with poor rural women in Guatemala.

April 7 – 14 – 2018 Donor Journey to Guatemala
Join us for six days in the Land of Eternal Spring in Antigua and Lake Atitlan. Learn about helping women improve their businesses first-hand … read more.


April 11 – 13 2018 Businesswomen’s Conference
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. 100 micro-enterprise business women come together to be inspired, to learn, to network, and exchange best practices … read more.

Profile of Typical Namaste Client

Namaste celebrates 10 years of service to over 3,100 low-income micro-entrepreneurs who have realized a cumulative total of $11,100,000 of increased profits.

Nine-month training cycles

% attendance rate

% advice implemented

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