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Donor Journey

Namaste Helps Women Make Their Small Business Dreams Come True

6 Days, 7 nights in the Land of Eternal Spring, Antigua and Lake Atitlan
Includes hotels, local transportation, three dinners, three lunches, two breakfasts, and a $500 per person donation; other meals and air fare are
not included.
Two people, double occupancy – US$2,800 including $1,000 tax deductible donation. $1,000 deposit required.
One-person, single occupancy – US$1,950 including $500 tax deductible donation. $500 deposit required.

Saturday, March 16
Fly to Guatemala and stay at Hotel Antigua in Antigua for four nights.

Sunday, March 17
Sightseeing of Antigua and a tour to a Coffee Plantation

Monday, March 18
Introduction to Namaste and an overview of contemporary Guatemala. Visit Clients.

Tuesday, March 19
Field visits to Namaste clients including loan disbursement meeting.

Wednesday, March 20
Join Namaste team at the Annual Businesswomen’s Conference at the Lake Atitlan. Stay at Hotel Jardines del Lago for two nights.

Thursday, March 21
Participate in a Mayan Ceremony. Attend conference workshops and the closing event.

Friday, March 22
Morning boat trip on Lake Atitlan with conference businesswomen. Leave for Guatemala City in the afternoon and stay overnight at the Westin
Camino Real.

Saturday, March 23
Return to US

Namaste Affinity Groups

NamasteDirect Giving Circles

NamasteDirect giving circles are designed to raise funds in a group format.  Individuals work together, creating their own community of donors to work toward a self-defined goal.  These giving circles, or affinity groups, are a fun way to include your community in the giving process and the fulfillment of supporting women in Guatemala who are working to economically empower their families. These NamasteDirect Giving Circles are currently raising funds for microcredit in their communities and over the web:

House Parties And Events

Host Your Own NamasteDirect House Party, Event, Namaste Night or A Presentation with a Whole Heart.

You can help NamasteDirect raise funds for women entrepreneurs in Latin America by hosting a house party.  House parties educate people about the importance of microcredit and NamasteDirect’s unique approach. As party host, you provide your home, refreshments and guest list.  You can help us pass on the Namaste message and we know people are listening because they trust you and your commitment to this cause. Our results prove that this word-of-mouth method is not only successful but contagious!

Whether you’re a seasoned party planner or just looking for an excuse to throw a fiesta, NamasteDirect house parties are a constructive and fun way to connect your community members in a common goal of helping others. We provide the tools and materials necessary for an entertaining and effective event including the presentation and pictures, clients’ handicrafts for sale, and a NamasteDirect representative to assist with the program.  We also welcome and encourage your ideas and creativity! Let us work together in promoting the next generation of women entrepreneurs. Together we inspire people to take action and have fun!

For more information about these events please contact as at:

Volunteer And Internships

You can become a volunteer, do your internship, become a sponsor or ambassador for Namaste. We welcome you to contact us to find a good fit for your skills and enthusiasm!

Make a Difference! NamasteDirect is always looking for motivated individuals who want to get more involved through volunteering. Our dedication to sending the highest percentage of donations straight into the hands of our entrepreneurs makes YOU as a volunteer crucial to our success.

What can you do? What interests you?

We are looking for talented folks to help with:

  • Organizing fundraising house parties
  • Assistance at our annual Spring event
  • Spreading the word about NamasteDirect
  • Raising funds for microcredit through local events and initiatives
  • Web Work – updates, postings, blogging, programming
  • Photography and Videography
  • Spanish/English Translation
  • Envelope Stuffing

Please contact us at or use the form below to Volunteer or to request more information.

Below is an example of a creative project:


During the last trimester of 2014 a group of talented graduate students worked closely with our micro-entrepreneur clients. The main goal was to identify opportunities to innovate for Namaste clients by conducting exploratory research and using their innovation expertise. Namaste Board Member Alvaro Figueredo led this group of students. Alvaro is an innovation management lecturer at UFM and part of his teaching methodology includes collaboration with industry and social enterprises. Namaste was the ideal case for “Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid”

Here are some of the student’s comments about their experience:

First of all I would like to thank Bob for creating Namaste Foundation. It is nice to know that there still are good people on earth that are available to help others in need. I have to be honest; I had not heard of the Namaste Foundation. I had made other choices for my class project and when I was assigned to Namaste Foundation, I did not know what to expect. During the process I learned some things and saw realities I did not know about. I learned how to approach and talk to people. Another lesson was that people appreciate help even when they have nothing or very little to give in return for our help (ice cream and lotion in my case). I do not have much patience but working with Doña Marta and Doña Angélica I learned to be more patient. I also learned to listen, not hear, because when we listen we get vital information and we can start helping to solve the real problems. We had some problems but at the end they were not problems, instead they became life lessons. My final lesson and the most important one is that I helped make a positive difference in their lives. I learned about empathy and to put my heart in a project because this was not just a project about making more money or reducing cost it was more about changing a person´s life and helping them to grow to overcome their economic problems. I would like to thank you again because I find what you are doing to be a miracle. -Cristopher Losen

Undoubtedly I can describe this project as one of the best in my career. I think there is nothing more satisfying than knowing who we are and that we can be useful to someone else – definitely, that is priceless. I think the best way to finish my project is to share with those who really need us. I had the opportunity to work with Doña Sheny selling güipiles in Antigua and San Antonio. We worked with Doña Sheny for three months, which allowed us to know her not only professionally but also personally. I think one of my greatest achievements is to have struck up a friendship with her and we still communicate by phone, she calls me and vice versa. I finished the project with a commitment in my heart to continue helping women like Doña Sheny who have that spark of entrepreneurship in theirs heart but do not have the resources. Namaste, Thanks for this opportunity! -Sharlin Carpio