House Parties and Events

Host Your Own NamasteDirect House Party, Event, Namaste Night or A Presentation with a Whole Heart. 

You can help NamasteDirect raise funds for women entrepreneurs in Latin America by hosting a house party.  House parties educate people about the importance of microcredit and NamasteDirect’s unique approach. As party host, you provide your home, refreshments and guest list.  You can help us pass on the Namaste message and we know people are listening because they trust you and your commitment to this cause. Our results prove that this word-of-mouth method is not only successful but contagious!

Whether you’re a seasoned party planner or just looking for an excuse to throw a fiesta, NamasteDirect house parties are a constructive and fun way to connect your community members in a common goal of helping others. We provide the tools and materials necessary for an entertaining and effective event including the presentation and pictures, clients’ handicrafts for sale, and a NamasteDirect representative to assist with the program.  We also welcome and encourage your ideas and creativity! Let us work together in promoting the next generation of women entrepreneurs. Together we inspire people to take action and have fun!

Sarah Graham has emerged as one of the bright lights of a new generation of art jewelry designers.  Carried in specialty stores world-wide and worn by film stars Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger and Angelina Jolie, her work conveys strong tones of thoughtfulness, attention to detail, quality and timelessness. Wholesale with a Heart is an event that Sarah created to both share her craft and support Namaste.  Join her in her San Francisco Dogpatch studio for a “from design to finished piece” demonstration of master craftsmanship in jewelry that includes the spectacular casting phase. Enjoy a gourmet lunch and then treat yourself to a never before, only for this cause opportunity to purchase a fine art piece at 50% of retail.  This special event benefits the work of NamasteDirect as Sarah generously donates a percentage of the proceeds. The 2008 Namaste/Sarah Graham event received front page San Francisco Chronicle press!  You can learn more about Sarah´s work through her Facebook page at Sarah Graham Metalsmithing.

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