The Timshel Group

The Timshel group is an organic expression of the power of the collective will, characterized by compassion and freedom, and directed to all those who believe in the positive application of our choices and actions.

Timshel's Story

Timshel came out of a group organized by Kim and Pat Smith of Napa, California.

"We feel so blessed to have this opportunity to assist women with children in poor areas of Chiapas and Guatemala struggling to provide shelter, food and education for their children to better their lives through this microcredit program. We hope you will continue to support in time, treasure and talent as we go forth with this group."

(Note:  Timshel is a Hebrew word and was featured in John Steinbeck's "East of Eden."  It's found in the fourth chapter of Genesis, where God is talking with Cain about overcoming evil.  In contrast to the King James version "Thou will" and the New American version "Do thou", a new exegesis "Thou mayest" is given: Lee, Adam Trask's Chinese housekeeper to Sam Hamilton: "But the Hebrew word, the word timshel –'Thou mayest' –that gives a choice.  It might be the most important word in the world.")

NamasteDirect works with AlSol in Chiapas, Mexico and with other partner organizations in Guatemala, providing funds for the microcredit loans that are this first-step out of poverty. Women invest the loans into starting small businesses that will increase their household incomes and help them to escape poverty.