The Hillsdale Effect

Our Story:


Nearly half the world lives on less than two dollars and fifty cents a day, an unimaginable wage for people of our privileged and developed society.  After learning statistics such as these, we decided to create a club that we call The Hillsdale Effect. 

We began as a group of nine students devoted to making a difference in the world.  We formed relationships with the Rotary Foundation and NamasteDirect, both non-profit organizations which work to give microloans to impoverished women in third world countries.  We are dedicated to informing our community about the needs of people in developing countries, the power of microloans to help them, and financing microloans in order to empower women and transform communities. 

Microloans can play a major role in the effort to end poverty because they provide capital to the people who need money the most, the very people who would be turned away by conventional banks. While charities can provide short term help, they do not break the vicious cycle of poverty the way that microloans can. A woman who is able to start a successful business is able to send her children to school; and, eventually, an entire community can be positively affected through these small but powerful loans. We chose our partner, NamasteDirect, because it is uniquely effective in the way it offers economic and vocational training along with the loan.

Our goal is for each member of our club to raise enough funds to provide one woman with a loan and the accompanying education and training. In addition, we each aim to raise enough to travel with NamasteDirect to Guatemala to see and learn about the loans in action this spring.  By supporting us, you are not only changing lives and communities in Guatemala but the lives of young people in your own community. Who knows how far the effect will reach —The Hillsdale Effect!

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News and Updates :

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