Personalized Business Advising

Namaste's One-to-One Business Advising Program

Domingo Advising

Each Namaste Entrepreneur is assigned a professional business advisor for the duration of their loan cycle. Business advisors are local community leaders, well versed in the local economy and also the indigenous language of the region. Together, client and advisor go through the details of the business, focusing on cash-flow analysis, detailed record keeping, and strategic planning. The Namaste training methodology – highly sensitive to literacy rates and cultural needs – is crafted to keep each client on track.                                                                                                                                           



Meet the Advisors:

Suchitepéquez Region:

Angela Trinidad Pech González

Angela has worked as a business advisor at Namaste for three years. Before joining the team, she worked at a variety of foundations, including Fujicice, CONCAD, and the National Women’s Forum. She is very involved in her church and enjoys running a women’s bible study group.

Maria Antonieta Chavee Conde

Maria Antonieta has been working as a business advisor for the foundation for eight months. Before Namaste, she worked for “El Grupo de Sola,” buying and exporting coffee. In her free time she enjoys reading.

Marilda Marcelina Xiloj Pollon

Marilda has been working at Namaste for eight months. Prior to working as a loan officer, she was a credit advisor for Banco Antigua. She enjoys attending church and spending time with her family.

Herver Garcia

Herver has been a business advisor for two years at Namaste, after a time working as a supervisor at the IRTA aquatic park. His favorite pastime is playing sports.

Gerson Guzman Villatoro

After working for the municipalidad, orlocal government, for a while, Gerzon decided to become a business advisor at Namaste. He has been part of the team for ten months now. In his free time, he likes playing sports—especially soccer and basketball.