Micaela Bautista takes her product to market

“I feel like a successful business woman for the first time in my life, and I see my business going places that I would never have thought of being possible.  This loan has allowed me to move forward in life.”

Micaela, 53, lives with her five children ranging in age from 19 to 12.  She is a widow and supports her family by making and selling baskets. 

Micaela´s loan of 1,500 Quetzales ($200) paid for her trip to Totonicapán, a department about three hours north of her home, where she purchased more basket-making materials that are not available in her area.  Micaela learned how to make the baskets from a local church that was giving classes to teach women a trade to support themselves.  Before receiving the loan, Micaela had been selling her baskets only in the surrounding areas of Santo Domingo and in the main city of Mazate, about fifteen minutes away.  Since the loan, however, for the first time Micaela has been saving some money and is planning on coordinating with other towns further away to expand her business and take her product to market. 


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