NamasteDirect has been extremely fortunate over the years to have the support of some very generous foundations and individuals, who truly are partners in our efforts. This page is to show our appreciation to our friends and supporters.

Lake Atitlan Club ($100,000 +)

The Julia Burke Foundation

Bob & Sherrie Ilse

The Huge Difference Fund

The Alberta Kimball Foundation

Robert Graham Charitable Remainder Trust

Tikal Club ($50,000 +)

The Annenburg Foundation

Threshold Foundation

Antigua Club ($25,000 +)

Timon & Lori Malloy

Sun Hill Foundation

Reel, Reel, and Reel Club (Kevin English, Fred Hearn, Marc McCallum, Steve Spencer, Ron Waslohn)

David Welborn and Ann Hunter Welborn

Jeffrey Busby

Jessica Welborn

Melissa's Village

Chichicastenango Club ($10,000 +)

Michael T & Michelle Berolzheimer

The Clarence Foundation

Bill and Shirley Butler

Tom & Gun Denhart

Howard & Karin Evans

Paulette Meyer & David Friedman

Jim & Betsy Hansen

Marc Ross Manashil

Fred Moon

PSI Seminars – WLS 100 Class

Chutta Ratnathicam

Anita Sinclair Ratnathicam

Marie Rohnert

William D Smythe Family Foundation

Gar and Lara Truppelli

Ron Waslohn

The Hillsdale Effect

Chiapas Club ($5000 +)

Brian Boyle

Calaveras Giving Circle

Lillian Jordan Joy Luck

Alamance Women's Giving Circle

Timshel Group

Katherine and Henry Chesbrough

Katherine Andrews

Sharon and David Beckman

Herb and Arlene Call

Robert Graham

Cortopassi Family Foundation

Ivan and Margarite Gayler

Google Matching Gifts Program

Dick Grace

Karen and Richard Recht

Chris & Amy Hillyard

John and Valerie Hopkins

Hunter Industries

Laura Stein Conrad

Douglas Spencer and Kathleen Parrish

MacDonald Family Foundation

Louis and Marianne Medeiros

Albert O'Connell and Maureen Dorney O'Connell

Gillian Pollock

Scott F and Julia Kim Smith

Lillian and Bob Warren